Reunite Magazine:

The RU magazine contains all the year’s reunion news with planned future dates, biographical details of alumni, school news, historical and archive features, alumni features such as careers and travel adventures, births, deaths and marriages, OGA sports club news and updates and interviews. These are produced twice a year in September and March and sent out to anyone with a Georgian connection. If you would like to contribute content to the magazine, please contact the Development Office.



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Publications available:


RU Spring 2019 Issue 21


RU Autumn 2018 Issue 20



RU Spring 2018 Issue 19


Ru Autumn 2017 Issue 18

 RU Spring 2017 Issue

 RU Autumn 2016 Issue

 RU Spring 2016 Issue

 RU Autumn 2015 Issue 


RU Spring 2015 Issue                                                               

  RU Autumn 2014 Issue                                                  
RU Winter 2013 Issue

RU Winter 2012 Issue
RU Winter 2011 Issue