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SGW - Development Fund:

Established in 2006 to raise funds through donations to benefit current and future students by enhancing facilities and providing fee assistance. Over the School's history, individuals have contributed to new buildings, equipment, educational visits and assisted with fees. We are grateful to all our supporters and donors.

SGW - Assisted Places Scheme:

The St George's Weybridge Assisted Places Scheme has been established to enable us create a number of places in the Schools each year which will be allocated to children of the requisite academic standards but whose parents cannot afford fees.  We believe offering support in this way is key part of our Josephite, Catholic, Christian ethos.

There are now over 35 children who are benefitting from an Assisted Place and enjoying and achieving success at both the Junior School and the College.

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A lasting legacy:

St George’s is a thriving school with excellent pupil numbers and success in many areas from academic achievement, accomplishment on the sports field and an ethos that continues to promote a strong sense of community and family.  One of the best ways we can ensure that St George’s continues to progress and continues to provide the very best preparation for life for future generations of students is to plan for the future.

Leaving a legacy in your will to St George’s would make a huge difference to the School’s ability to provide for students in need of financial assistance with fees via our Assisted Places Scheme as well as the continuous need for improvements and the development of buildings and facilities without the drain on fee income.

If you decide to create a legacy for St George’s, please let us know.  We would like to acknowledge your generosity during your lifetime and discuss your preferences for how the gift may be used to benefit future generations of St George’s students.

For further information please contact:

Mrs Caroline Long, Development Director
Tel: 01932 839352