Barrow Hills School

Barrow Hills

Needing more accommodation for the Boy's in the summer of 1950 the College brought 40 acres of grounds called Barrow Hills at Longcross. However within months of purchasing the property, it was subject to a compulsory purchase by the ministry of supply for tank testing grounds.

Therefore Fr Peter personally found another property at Witley, taking the name Barrow Hills to the new location. Due to the new school grounds being further away from the College it was decided that only the boarders were to move to the new site.

However in 1989 the future of boarding at the school was becoming an issue due to less than 20% of the senior school represented boarders.Therefore the decision to close boarding at the College and the school at Barrow Hills, would free up so much space that it would allow the college, with the proceeds from the sale of Barrow Hills, to provide the facilities demanded by parents of a good day school.   

In 1990, Barrow Hills was sold to a group of parents, who wanted to keep the grounds as a school. Therefore it became a Co-Educational School.  

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