St George’s College

St George's College

St George's was originally founded in Croydon in 1869 and was the very first Josephite school outside Belgium. The origins of the School were bounded up with the Catholic renaissance movement in England. Within a few years St George's had outgrown its original Croydon location and in 1884 moved to the spacious grounds of Woburn Park near Weybridge, which has been its home ever since.

For many years the College was reliant for much of its income on overseas boarders, building strong links in particular with countries in South America. This changed with the disruption of the First World War and it was only the exertions of Fr George Kean during the 1920's that kept the College going.

The post-war period was marked by the energetic leadership of Fr Peter Murtough who expanded the school, masterminded a major building programme and became the first headmaster of the College to be invited to join the Headmasters' Conference in 1964.

The 1970's and 1980's were a period of transition as the College responded to the decline in boarding and the need to modernise the governance and administration of the school as the Josephite Community became smaller. This led to the formal separation of the Community and the College and the appointment of the first lay headmaster in early 1990's. In 2000 the College also absorbed the nearby girls' school of St Maur's which resulted in another phase of expansion and provided a new home for the flourishing Junior School.

If you would like to come and visit the College or the Junior School and see what changes have been made since your time here, then please do contact the Development Office to book a tour on or call us on 01932 839352.