Activity Centre Features

Activity Centre Features

Over the coming weeks we will be updating you on all the wonderful features that we will have within  the Activity Centre, providing our students with a  world class facility that will lead the way in technology, functionality and breadth of activity.

The Glass Sports Floor 

LED court lighting at the touch of a screen, aids concentration and teaching of new sports.  Significant draw for national governing bodies to use & showcase their sport. We will also be first UK School to provide this state of the art system. 

 Click the play button to watch how the touch screen and floor lines work

The new dance studio within the Activity Centre will also feature a glass floor, which will be suitable for both dance and non-sport activities due to it's sprung flooring.

The combination of subfloor and glass will also allow for shock absorption and equal elasticity across the entire surface.

£1.5m to invest in the Glass Floor in the new Activity Centre