Class of 2007 Celebrate their 10 year anniversary

On Thursday 19th October the Class of 2007 were invited back to the College to celebrate their 10 year reunion.  The Alumni were welcomed by Caroline and Melanie, together with Mr Michael Stather, Head of Biology.  Fr Martin Ashcroft also made a brief appearance, in between Kennedy Club.  

The Alumni enjoyed a delicious curry for dinner and had the opportunity to walk down memory lane by viewing a selection of photos from their time as students at St George's. 

Thank you to everyone who attended and we hope you keep in touch with us.

Attendees included: 

Louise Adams
Joe Burston
Katherine Cuttell 
née Crane
Louise Dickinson
Liam Fahy
Clare Forster
Katherine Frei
Godfrey née Gray
Sean Godfrey
Abigail Harper
Max McKendrick
Kayleigh O'Hanlon 
née Holmes
Emily Prentice 
née Chester
Mark Prentice
Abbie Probert
Laura Saunders
Richard Saunders
Helen Smith