Keeping in touch and how we look after your data

We’re so grateful for your support, thank you.  We hope that you feel part of our Georgian family and would like to stay in touch.  We hold your contact information because you have at some time been a student, parent, member of staff, supported the School or had contact with the School.  As a part of our community, we write to you to tell you about how your gifts help transform lives and how you can donate and help in other ways, such as offering careers advice; as well as to update you about our School news, reunions and events. We will never sell your contact information or personal details and we promise to keep your data safe and secure.  If you would rather we didn’t communicate with you in this way, you can tailor what you receive and the way we contact you at any time by e-mailing or calling 01932 839352.  For full details of our privacy policies please visit : and