OG Involved in First Oxbridge Varsity Double Header

Ellie Backhouse left St George’s in 2013 to go on to study Theology at Oxford and is currently completing a masters in Study of Religions. Ellie wrote to the Development office recently to tell us about her involvement in football at Oxford and the upcoming varsity:

“I'm hoping to spread the news about the first ever football Varsity double-header (men's and women's matches on the same day, same venue) between Oxford and Cambridge this year. For my first two years at Oxford I rowed in the boat race squads, competing in the 2015 lightweight boat race. A back injury meant I had to take early retirement during my third year however, at which point I took up football, which I have always played casually.

I was selected for the Blues (1st) team and won the 2016 Varsity match against Cambridge. I am continuing to enjoy playing in the Blues team this year (as well as being on the committee); especially as this is the first year there will be a double-header, with both the men's and women's Varsity matches taking place on the same day at the same venue. You may know that is following on from achieving gender parity in the Boat Race and Varsity rugby in the last few years.

The matches will be held on Sunday the 19th March 2017, at Barnet FC stadium in North London. This should prove to be a very exciting day of football, as well as being very exciting for gender equality in sport at the universities.

Boys' football has grown in popularity amongst students since I left St George’s, and there are talented female footballers in the student population too. Ticket prices for school pupils will be priced at £5 for both matches, £8 for University students and £10 for adults. These will be able to be purchased through Barnet FC's online ticketing platform. Any sort of turnout from St George’s would be great to see.”

For anyone wishing to attend the tickets will be available soon from the Barnet FC website:

The academic year 2015/2016 saw two sixth formers initiate a more serious 6th form football games option. They arranged 2 fixtures against local opposition to give purpose to the games option.

This academic year, Head of Football Mr Clayson has devised a strategy that allows lots of fixtures for up to three teams in one day. There will be no impact on the rugby or hockey programmes, but allows for greater participation for those who would otherwise not be involved in competitive sports. The sixth formers continue to select the teams which is superb for their all-round development as individuals and have managed to organise official St George’s kit for next season.