Old friendships renewed at 40 year school reunion

43 former classmates of St George's met up for a reunion lunch after 40 years, it was an afternoon of nostalgia as old memories came flooding back. 

Now in their mid-50's, most of them had not met since going their separate ways after the Sixth Form in 1978. 

"It was like old times all over again.  We felt like long-lost friends meeting up.  It was so good to see many of our former classmates" said one alumnus.  "This gathering was unlike those schooldays when some classmates were shy and reserved.  This time around, everyone was very open. We're mature adults now and can talk about anything and everything.  We hit it off instantly, teased each other and cracked jokes" said another. 

The class of 1978 travelled from near and far to celebrate this important milestone.  Thank you to Fr Aidan Rossiter who travelled from California, Yvon Antoni from Luxembourg, Micaela Frow from France and Tony Mitchell for visiting from Singapore. 

Woburn Hill U12's 1971 

Top Row: Philip Shrimpton, Mark Richards, Robert Pounsford, Tim Mulvaugh, Christopher Lewis, Michael Mulchrone, Richard Teuchmann, Robert Kennedy, Simon Connor, Sean Keenan
Front Row: Mark Dudzinski, David Cunningham, Phillip Clothier,  Andrew Kerr, Andrew Percival, David Dunscombe (RIP), John Price.


The attendees at the reunion were: 

Yvon Antoni
Martin Ashcroft
Sarah Bennett née Talbot
Mark Brodermann
Tony Byrne
Christopher Cardona
Katie Cardona née Winfield
Philip Clothier
Quentin Croft
Suzanne Crouch née Bates
David Debono
Sue Dodson née Close
Mark Dudzinski
Stephen Forrest
Micaela Frow 
Lynne Gurney
Caroline Guy
Timothy Harlow
Bernard Hodgson
Kerry Jefferies née Leeper
Stephen Jefferies
Robert Kirk
Francis Maguire
Micheal Meade
Joe Minerva
Tony Mitchell
Fiona Moore née Dennis
Sue Moore
Sean Neary
Brian O'Gorman
Karin O'Sullivan née Dunsombe 
Andrew Percival
Nicholas Peri
Robert Pounsford
John Price
Stephen Rampton
Timothy Reilly
Aidan Rossiter
Brigit Sapstead-Cree
Colin Scott
Timothy Stanton
Peter Trimming
Nicholas Watson

Caroline Guy and Karin O'Sullivan

Tim Harlow, Tim Stanton, Francis Maguire and Tony Mitchell

Bernie Hodgson, Mark Brodermann and Stephen Jefferies

Colin Scott and Bernie Hodgson

Micaela Frow, Caroline Guy and Karin O'Sullivan

Fr Aidan Rossiter and Michael Meade 

Fr Martin Ashcoft and Mark Dudzinski

Fr Martin Ashcroft and Tony Byrne

John Price and Brian O'Gorman (Former Teacher , Old Georgian and President of the OGA)

Kerry Jefferies and John Price 

Peter Trimming and Colin Scott

Robert Kirk, Christopher Cardona and Sue Dodson

Tim Reilly and Colin Scott

For a further gallery of images Mark Broderman has uploaded some and you can view these by clicking HERE